Secret Superstar: The beauty of dreaming

Cesare Pavese said that we do not remember days, we remember moments. To watch this movie, I can feel the whispering of moments! The moments when a girl has dreamt, the moment girl can live, the moment when she fights for her dream become true.

This is a story of a dream, story of a patriarchy, story of gender discrimination, a story of a relation of mother-daughter and story of a freedom. Secret Superstar is a film that’s based on this simple but intimate premise. To watch this amazing movie, you can feel that dreams can sometimes be the blueprint for life. They can inspire and they can help set goals. If you recognize what you expect from life, can help you achieve it too.You can feel the frustration of the household in which not just people, even emotions are trapped also.

Insia (Zaira Wasim) loves to strum her guitar and she sings like an absolute rock star. She has dreams of being a popular singer. She wants the world to hear her voice and appreciate her talent. Insia is a talented teenage school girl whose spirit is ripped because her mother is in a troubled and violent marriage. Of course, she still dares to pursue her dream of becoming a singer and she also valiantly attempts to free her mother from her conservative, cold father.The film deals with social issues including feminism, gender equality, and domestic violence.

In this movie, the dream is a most picked portion where the second state of dreaming was watched. This state of dreaming may have something to do with your subconscious, where sometimes you would not see exactly that situation, but a certain parallel situation which refers to some aspect of your life. Since the subconscious does not function within the realm of logic or the realms of time and space, you could already be seeing what could be tomorrow!

Here I can smell the freedom of life, the consent of choice of women. Every shot conferred secretly that every woman should do what she wants to do as an individual. It should not be made into a trend in society or be the only right thing to do in the world.

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