Our Swiss Alps Trip-1

Journey to Switzerland with ICE

This winter we had an incredible, unforgettable adventure. Lionel’s birthday! 

20180114_180247It was a wish if our only son’s birthday could be done differently! Ponder to execute the plan. We decided to go beyond the kingdom of clouds and reveal another world to our little son. We started from Frankfurts to ICE. You all know the ICE. ICE is Inter-City High-Speed Train In Germany and its surrounding countries, it can easily be ridden and certainly in less time. The dining space is so beautiful. It is designed as an observatory for tourists where everybody can enjoy the striking and delightful beauty around, and there are some compartments for the family as well. Yes, we were very relaxed to have one compartment. Why? If you also have a cute naughty little boy in your home, you should understand the reason as well! Ok, it took almost four and a half hours from Frankfurt to reach.

Our holiday apartments
You know, tourist usually prefers to stay in the hotel.This time we wanted to do everything a bit differently so that apartment booking was given.   HITRental is one of the top-ranked apartments in Switzerland. Do you confound that why holiday apartment 20180112_100243was chosen? Trust me, this is the best option to feel like your own home, even it’s a holiday place! How? If you have a little kid, you know that sometimes it really tough to have your breakfast at the right time in the hotel, or you prefer the homemade food for your child. An apartment is your best option. If you 20180112_100348want, you can prepare food. Even you can also fetch the cooked food from home and fridged those. Besides, do not ask me about the view. It was just winsome from our place! Yes, you are now thinking about the distance from the main station. It is easy to travel for any tourist, bus booth in front of the building! City passes were also offered by the HIT Rental which can make your sight-seeing easily. We thought they tried to sell the ticket! No, it’s free! They have made this facility for their guests!


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