Our Swiss Alps Trip-2

Chapel Bridge and Lake Lucerne
We walked from the train station through the old town, over the old wooden Chapel Bridge. Chapel Bridge, which is also called Kapellbrücke is a wooden pedestrian bridge that spans Reuss River in the city Lucerne. It is named after the nearby St. Peter’s Chapel, it was built in 1333 and is one of the oldest wooden bridges in Europe. In1993, two-thirds of the wooden Chapel Bridge were destroyed by fire. Only the pillars, the bridgeheads and the water tower could be saved then. 85 of the 110 pictures under the roof, dating back to 1611, were destroyed by the 1993 fire, only 25 could be saved or restored. 

DSC_0477We walked across the bridge to reach Old Town on the right bank of Reuss. The old medieval town gave us a feeling that we were part of a fairy tale town with its narrow cobbled streets, medieval old buildings and little squares with water fountains. We walked towards the lake and sat beside admiring its clear blue water. The lake has our son’s favorite ‘quack quack’, the leviathan swans which sometimes swam and sometimes fed by the tourists. 

Mount Rigi and occult scenic beauty
Firstly, we went to the information office at the Luzern station and bought 3 days passes which covered all of the costs of transportation to and from the summits. The trip between Lucerne and Mount Rigi involved three modes of transportation on the way there, We’d take the steamer from Lucerne, cross Lake Lucerne to Vitznau, and then take a cogwheel train from Vitznau to the top of Rigi. We started the day early by taking the ferry/steamer from FerryLucerne. It winds through the Alps with a dilution of the detour. It was in mid-January, so the fog often descends on the lake and its surroundings, draping the valley in an occult scenic beauty but romantic atmosphere. Trust me, Lucerne was hit with the thickestDSC_0003.JPG fog I’ve ever seen.The steamer pulled into Vitznau where we made a transfer to the next leg of the trip, the cogwheel train, or the Vitznau-Rigi Bahn. Notably, the Vitznau-Rigi Bahn is the first mountain track railway in Europe, reaching a height of 1752 meters above sea level when it reaches the peak of Rigi.

Fog is all around! The train started to climb the mountain. Maybe more than20180112_151547 thirty degrees of angle Lake Lucerne was fluttering down on the left side. After a while, we reached the peak. There were two platforms. A food shop cum souvenir shop. And the rest is just white. All the trails are all white. Someone was going to walk with a sticky stick and walk on the trail. We got up to the point of view with a lot


of caution. The feet are going back and forth! Upon eating and drinking, after going down, we were very scared that it seems to be falling away from the hills! No, there was a solution! We found a lift to get down!

In the end, we went with our plan of taking the cogwheel train once again down to Rigi Kaltbad and switched a gondola ride (cable car) that offered a panoramic view of Rigi. And finally, we arrived in Weggis, a town that seemed to be built on a huge hill lodged at the foot of Rigi. All is tranquil and serene. We were surprised that there was no trace of any white as the peak!


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