Our Swiss Alps Trip-3

Mount Titlis and Lionel’s Birthday Cakes

We decided to celebrate our little boy’s birthday on the peak of Mount Titlis. Because of my terrific acrophobia, I was scared to get 10,623 feet high! Height has always been the subject of fear, I have tried many times, why is it so scary! Regrettably, I did not find the reason! By the way,  we feel incredibly lucky to have been able to visit Mount Titlis.

On our day of exploring the mount Titlis, we went directly from our apartment to the train station! To get to Mount Titlis, you have to take the train from Luzern station to Engelberg station. The journey was approximately 45 minutes long and from there we went for the cable car which took you to the peak of Mount Titlis.

Mount-Titlis-360-Rotating-To get the peak, there were three steps. The six-seated cable car was used in the first two steps and then we ride in the bigger rotair 360 cable car. Trust me, Titlis Rotair, it’s going round! 360 degrees to show the mountains in all their glory, it’s amazing. And, do you know, this is world’s first 360-degree panoramic gondola?The gondola revolves 360-degrees during the five-minutes trip, treating you to blissful panoramic views of steep rock faces, deep clefts and distant snow-covered mountain peaks.

It is very normal for me to fall into the ground without any reason, if I fall from above, then! With these different thoughts, I started the cable car journey.  What a fascinating beauty! Once we got to the top we20180113_123307.jpg saw many adventure options available for all such as Titlis Glacier, ice flyer and skies.  Most of the people who went there for skiing. I was surprised to see their courage! When we got up, over the clouds, the white clouds were all floating down! I felt it like a touch of heaven where nature was spread a splendid white carpet across the wide area of the horizon.

Cold War continued with my husband for a little while on the selection of the place. Finally, I set a place for cutting the birthday cake. People gathered, who was skiing around, they were very peppy to see the joy of our little son. After a lot of trouble, the bridge on the Titliscandle was finally Ignited! Some people took pictures of our birthday boy. Then we cut the cake together. Then we went ahead to go further. I was tired of trying to keep my balance! After sometimes, my husband Hasib decided to see the suspension bridge with son! What Bridge? This is Europe’s highest suspension bridge. Imagine once, the 10,623 feet above the rocky cliff walk bridge! It was really scary for me.

Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb, trust me! When I was leaving behind the white beauty of nature, I felt sad! Getting to the beauty of nature, its own little depression! Depression for the discovery the immensity of nature!

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