The Sanctuary of Truth: A trip in Thailand

We found an amazing place of art in Thailand. Ancient Arts and history are two things which can mesmerize me. Hasib, my husband always try to find something or place 1911626_10153912567080122_1934512114_nwhich must be enchanted! And, I tell you secretly that he doesn’t like the historical place, fort, palace or art, trust me. So, in our Pattaya trip, he found one of the most beautiful Pattaya tourist attraction which had an authentic Thai look which was spellbound me! And trust me, if you like ancient art or want to grasp the nature, you have to visit this place.

27027152254_f14dc3dffd_cThe location is also quite easy to get to independently. We actually hired a taxi. In fact, I would say it is the most beautiful building in Pattaya.The Sanctuary of Truth!  A 105 meters high wooden palace which is covered in sculptures based on traditional Buddhist and Hindu motifs. Entrance is 500 Baht. Viewed from the inside and the outside of this temple shaped building was really outstanding for us. Although this isn’t a traditional Thai temple, it is a religious building and does contain some Buddha images so visitors should dress respectfully and cover knees and shoulders.

1794656_10153912567115122_1511555566_nThousands of wooden sculptures adorn the interior walls of the Sanctuary of Truth, 1620804_10153912570080122_1637649357_nthese sculptures are said to represent the seven creators, Heaven, Earth, Moon, Father, Mother, Sun and Stars. The temple really exudes elegance with its intricate design and regal allure.



Don’t forget your camera! Why? Because this is wonderfully photogenic.

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