Leonel’s 1st day@ Kindergarten

Now the day is finally here. You are going to have a lovely time. For the first day at school, I am wishing you lots of luck, persistence and all the best for the next big step in your life.

I wish he could read this as soon as my he grows up. Today is the first day of his school life. My son could not sleep properly in the night. Even, I could not. The most difficult job for me is to wake up in the morning. I hate morning alarm!!

The school is about only 2 km away from our house. It takes 30 minutes by walk and 10 minutes by bus. I like to walk. But, today’s temperature is about 38 degrees! So, I went with my son on the bus.

I started the day with these three feelings: fear, joy and sorrow. Fear?  because my son does not understand Deutch properly; how will he cope with the communication problem? The reason for the joy is that he will be familiar with a new institution named schooling, study and friends! And sorrow!!  Just think, he will soon become busy with his life. I will be alone.

Usually, the starting time of school is at 8am. But the first one week he will stay for half an hour; next week for 2 hours and two weeks later, he will be in school for the full time. There are some more things that I love. For example, in the first week, a mother should be in the classroom with her child; the next week, she will be in the other room and responsible person monitors the responses of the new child. At the last stage, the mother will be allowed to go home alone. School authority gave a list to buy for the kid.  When I bought them I was so excited that I felt like I was admitted to the school again!!

We are very excited. This way I want to stay with you, my love. You will have the best time of your life. Are you ready?

Then let’s go!

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